Klaeny cleaning stone

Klaeny Cleaning Stone - what is it?

Ecological and universal

Our eco-friendly all-rounder cleans, polishes and cares effectively, without chemical additives & microplastics. The gentle foam is gentle on all surfaces and your skin. It provides a long-lasting shine and leaves a fresh lemon scent.

The klaeny cleaning stone is effective against stubborn dirt, yet gentle on the environment with its vegan formula. It's also easily biodegradable.

If you've never used a cleaning stone before, you're probably wondering how and where to use it, right?

There are over 100 ways to use the klaeny cleaning stone in the home as well as in general.

Here we list you once a few areas of application:

In the kitchen:
Sinks, stove tops (ceramic, induction), shelves, tiles, ovens, refrigerator, range hood.

In the bathroom:
Sinks, mirrors, shower walls

Around the house:
Barbecue, garden furniture, tiles, windows

You can even get your sneakers shining clean again with our cleaning stone!

How do you use the cleaning stone?

Use the klaeny loofah sponge, klaeny swelling sponge or our dishwashing brush and put them into the cleaning stone jar to get some of the product. Due to their natural and gentle ingredients, the sponge, brush and cleaning stone are suitable for almost all surfaces and leave no scratches when cleaning!
(please do not use on painted or sensitive surfaces!)

Step 1 - Foaming up: Moisten the sponge with water and rub against the cleaning stone. Squeeze the sponge several times so that it foams.
Step 2 - Cleaning: Scrub the sponge over the object to be cleaned.
Step 3 - Wipe: Rinse with clean water and wipe dry.
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