bathroom, get your bath shiny and lime-free with these 5 tips

Spring Cleaning: *5 Tips for your Bathroom

Use these *5 tips and your bathroom will be shiny and limescale-free again.

We'll show you how to get even the most unloved parts of your bathroom super clean again!

  1. Use rinse aid to get your bathroom armatures (e.g. your tap) shiny again. Or have you already used our cleaning stone? It's also great for your fixtures!

  2. Use baking soda and dish soap on your shower floor.

  3. Don't know what to do about a calcified showerhead? Use our bathroom cleaner like it is shown in the video :)

  4. Have you ever wiped your shower wall with a mop (like you would do it on a tile floor)? This works great with our bathroom cleaner! Your shower also smells nice and lemony afterwards.

  5. Use our cleaning stone against limescale!

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