Sustainable Products. Real certificates.

Marketing slogans can be done by anyone. Getting certified by a third party not. We did.

Blue Angel Certificate

This is intended to make it visible to consumers which products are as healthy and environmentally compatible as possible.

The Blue Angel label has been certified by the German Federal Environment Agency since 1978. This impartial and economically independent body defines the award criteria for the environmental seal, which are even reviewed every three to four years.

Only one in eleven products was labeled with the Blue Angel in 2016. In the laundry detergent category, only six products have the Blue Angel certification. With our laundry detergent, we are taking the first step. We don't want environmentally harmful ingredients to enter the wastewater through the use of our laundry detergents. The Blue Angel certifies our detergent and confirms that it is free of hazardous chemicals.

EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel was created by the European Commission in 1992. It recognizes more environmentally friendly and healthier products and services.

Attention is paid to environmental criteria and ingredients as well as to social and ethical aspects. We are proud that our detergent is certified with the EU Ecolabel.


Dermatest label

The Dermatest seal is regarded as a source of information on the traceability of product testing methods and also provides information on consumer and manufacturer safety. Products that have been awarded the Dermatest seal demonstrate tested and confirmed quality.

Both our color and heavy-duty detergents were subjected to such a test. Two tests were carried out with our detergent, each with 30 test persons; once with sensitive skinned persons and once with persons without corresponding restrictions. In both test runs, no irritations were revealed. Our detergent has therefore been awarded the Dermatest seal of "very good".

We care about the environment

That's why we take great care to ensure that our products arrive at your door free of microplastics. Because what many people don't know: Impurities in the production process can also lead to a high environmental impact.

Flustix label

Flustix label is unique worldwide and certifies plastic-free or plastic-reduced products. This seal makes it easy for the end consumer to buy plastic-reduced and to protect the environment. For us as a company, it is a reliable sign to communicate our sustainability regarding plastic to you. Our tabs are labeled with the light blue Flustix label. This means that our cleaning products are microplastic-free.

This is how it works

1. Fill with water

Fill your bottle with tap water.

2. Throw in the tab

Add the klaentab and wait for it to dissolve.

3. Sustainable cleaning

Let's go! Start cleaning in an environment-friendly way.

Cleaning tabs that are good for you and the environment.

Without microplastique



Made in Germany

effective cleaning